Daily 16 - 32 - 64 - 128 Tons Capacity Walnut Processing Lines


With 35 years of experience in producing agricultural machinery, Kadioglu Makine offers realistic prices in the market. We build walnut processing facilities which has 16-32-64 128 tons/day capacity in which you can sell your finished product daily.

The units that can be used in walnut processing lines:
(These units are designed with your needs in consideration)

  • Walnut waiting area
  • Stone separation unit 
  • Branch separation unit 
  • Walnut washing and green shell peeling unit 
  • Walnut drying unit -Walnut conveying unit 
  • Walnut calibration unit 
  • Bad, broken and empty walnut separation unit 
  • Walnut cracking unit 
  • Walnut packaging unit  
  • Walnut storage area

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