» Kadioglu 3200Z Empty and Bad walnut separator

Product Code: 3200Z

BrandKadıoğlu Makina 2 Year Warranty

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Kadioglu 3200Z is ideal for large sized businesses. The machine separates the empty , bad and broken walnuts. The separation process is controlled with air pressure. The full and healthy walnuts are pushed in one hole and the other lighter walnuts which have problems falls into other hole. There is a control panel for air pressure flow control. You can use wet or dry walnuts. It also separates the organic materials like leafs and small branches.

Technical Details

  • Brand: Kadıoğlu
  • Model: 3200Z
  • Energy 380 V
  • Capacity: 2500 - 4000 kg / hour
  • Feature 1: Air Pressure Flow Control
  • Feature 2: Conveying Belt With Speed Control
  • Feature 3: Engine Protection


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