» Kadıoğlu Roller Drive-In Walnut Picker

Product Code: RL150

BrandKadıoğlu Makina 1 Year Warranty

115.00 €

140.24 $

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Never kneel down to the walnut on the ground! Use drive-in walnut picker to save time…

Thanks to its smart design, Kadıoğlu Roller Drive-In Walnut Picker successfully picks the walnut as well as lots of other things on the ground. It will definitely be one of the most favorite hand tools in your garden.

Remarkable 3 Features:

  • Light

    Kadıoğlu Roller Tool is light enough to be used easily by children and elders.

  • Exchangeable Cage Wires

    When needed, you can take off the wires easily and replace them with new ones.

  • Easy Unloading Apparatus

    When the inside of the cage is filled up you don’t need to lean forward. Easy unloading device will help you.