» Spedo Fruipick Hydraulic Tree Shaker

Product Code: HM400

BrandSpedo 2 Year Warranty

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Remarkable 3 Features

  • Top-Of-The-Range Walnut Harvesting Machine

    Italian Spedo Fruipick shakes walnut trees gently and in an effective frequency. This unique system provides a fast and healthy harvest.

  • According to Spedo, approaching every tree is a waste of time

    Rope arm is extensible up to 7 meters and this is crucial for the tractors not crossing over harvested walnuts and for the harvested walnuts not falling over the tractor. This arm can reach right and left side with a 56-degree angle and up to 6 meters higher. Besides, all these movements can be managed with a wireless (wi-fi) remote control.

  • Accelerated Compression Format
    With this unique system of Spedo, you can prevent tree barks from getting harmed. During the tree shaking moment, ağızlayıcı keeps increasing the pressure of header compression. It prevents the impacts that can be occurring as a result of the remaining space between the tree and shaking head.

Spedo Fruipick is a practical, fast and powerful harvesting machine that can be used with all the tractors on the cooling radiator and fan. It is equipped with many useful features such as aural warning, counter of the running time and remote control.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 1570 kg
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Width: 240 cm
  • Power Source: 65 Hp 2wd Tractor
  • Capacity per hour: 40 - 80 Trees
  • Lever Length:Between 470 cm - 700 cm
  • Shaking Head: 0 - 42 cm