» Vibrope EKO Tree Shaker (Rope Shaker)

Product Code: HM600EKO

BrandKadıoğlu 2 Year Warranty

900.00 €

947.37 $

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Remarkable 2 Features:

  • Light, durable chassis, user-friendly design

    A single person can easily assemble and disassemble the Kadıoğlu Vibrope harvesting machine without using a key. It doesn’t require expertise.

  • Easy movement in 3 axis

    Besides, you can approach the tree in every angle.

How to use:

1) Attach it to the tree trunk or to the main branches with easy-linking yellow-belt apparatus.

2) Move across with the tractor to fill the space of rope.

3) Activate the power take-off and perform the walnut shaking task in desired speed.

4) Disassemble the belt and pass on to the other tree.