» Kadıoğlu CKS90 Walnut Huller

Product Code: CKS90160

BrandKadıoğlu Makina 2 Year Warranty

1170.00 €

1231.58 $

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Remarkable 3 Features:

  • Economical

    Eliminating the abrasive cost makes the machine economical in the short or long term.

  • Height-Adjustable Table

    It can work by giving an angle to the caldron thanks to the height-adjustable table.

  • Transmission With Reductor

    The local reductor guarantees an untroubled performance for many years.

An expert on walnut machines in Turkey, Kadıoğlu Machines designed the walnut hullers with no abrasives. It guarantees many years of utilization with its durable structure.

IMPORTANT: If you will hull the thin-shelled, fragile walnut varieties or the mixed varieties, prefer Nutmec series walnut hullers. Or you can ask for advice by contacting us on service hotline.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Height: 85 cm
  • Width: 80 cm
  • Length: 70 cm
  • Power: 220 V
  • Capacity per hour: 250 - 350 kg