» Kadıoğlu CKS90D Walnut Huller Machine with Sensitive Speed Control

Product Code: CKS90D

BrandKadıoğlu Makina 2 Year Warranty

1550.00 €

1631.58 $

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Remarkable 3 Features:

  • Sensitive Speed Control
  • Timer
    You don’t need to watch the machine for minutes, just set the timer and

    when it is stopped the machine will too and then it will wait to be emptied out.

  • The Most Commonly Used Walnut Huller in

    Designed by Kadıoğlu Machines, this system that resolves the abrasive renewal trouble was admired by the walnut producers and within a short time reached out to hundreds of them.

In order to operate the Kadıoğlu CKS90D Walnut Hulling Machine, a socket and a faucet is sufficient. It easily serves for all kind of walnut varities. It hulls and spotlessly detach the green-shelled, fully closed walnuts in approx. 10 minutes and walnuts with cracked green-shelled in 7-8 minutes.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 105 kg
  • Height: 95 cm
  • Width: 80 cm
  • Length: 70 cm
  • Power: 220 V
  • Capacity per hour: 300 - 450 Kg
  • Special Feature: Precision speed control