» Kadıoğlu Nutmec 180ED Compact Walnut Huller with Sorting Table

Product Code: Nutmec180ED

BrandKadıoğlu 2 Year Warranty

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Remarkable 3 Features:

  • Unrivaled Walnut Hulling Speed

    Peeling the green shell of 90 – 100 kg walnuts in the angled caldron only takes 3 – 6 minutes.

  • Sorting Table

    Walnut sorting table mounted on the machine is very useful for sorting out the rotten or defective walnuts that come out after their green shells are peeled. When the work is done it can be folded and doesn’t take much space.

  • Works With 220 - 330 V (Optional)

    It can be used anywhere with electricity.

Kadıoğlu Nutmec 180E Walnut Huller takes its power from the 2,2 kw electric motor. Its angled caldron design accelerates the hulling speed up to three times compared to other standard walnut hullers. It can be easily moved due to its 4 wheels.

A comment about 180ED from one of our customers in Australia

"Now we’ve begun our harvest which is the best we’ve ever had.  We used the huller for the first time last night and it was fantastic. it's a great machine. We used it all day and it did a fantastic job!"

 Ruth McGrath

Technical Details

  • Weight: 225 Kg
  • Height: 105 cm
  • Length: 220 cm
  • Width: 100 cm
  • Motor power: 2,2 Kw
  • Power: 220 - 330 V (Optional)
  • Capacity per hour: 900 Kg