» Kadıoğlu CKK100 Walnut Cracker

Product Code: CKK100

BrandKadıoğlu Makina 2 Year Warranty

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1642.11 $

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Remarkable 3 Features:

  • Durable

    Kadıoğlu Walnut Cracking Machine has the capacity of operating for many years with its clear design, powerful engine and solid joints.

  • Cracking Setting

    The operator can change the cracking size setting transiently. To be able to make this setting this easy is very crucial for the rate of undamaged walnut kernel.

  • Easy Loading

    You can load the walnuts into the tank by hand or also by conveying belts.

Walnut Cracking Machine is especially preferred by baklavacılar (pastry shops which sell baklava, multilayered flaky pastry with walnuts), walnut wholesalers and companies that use walnuts intensely. The rate of undamaged walnut kernels is measured as 70% in not calibrated walnut and 92% in calibrated walnut.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Height: 120 cm
  • Length: 75 cm
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Power: 220 V
  • Production per hour: 900 Kg